Blog Photo Foto 1If you use stock photos properly, you can easily optimize them to have the most positive effect on SEOs. Just be sure that you use photos that relate to the content. For example, you wouldn’t want an image of a crock pot on your site if you’re selling toys.

Most marketers concentrate on keywords as part of their SEO strategy, but a properly used photo can make all the difference – especially when you use modern linking tactics.

Often ignored is how our sites can get loads of traffic and show up in Google’s search results for images. There are some strategies you should know about before you can be successful in driving traffic with images.


Tools to Make Driving Traffic with Images Successful

The number one thing you need to do before using an image to drive traffic to your site is to think about what the image will achieve before choosing it. For example, if your site has to do with gardening you’d want to choose the landscape or flower gardening photo over one that depicts children or animals.

Here are a couple of strategies that might be helpful when choosing photos to drive traffic to your site:


Don’t choose unnatural images that don’t really depict what you’re trying to project.

Images that don’t result in traffic are bland such as a group of children on a playground. Make the image specific to the content.


Don’t use ‘overused’ photos.

You can find out information about the usage of photos by entering a google search for keyword phrases and note if a photo shows up more than a couple of times.

After you select a photo, you should think about captioning (describing) it so that search engines will be sure to pick it up. Use very descriptive language rather than a simple description.

Google also uses the description in the file name you assign to find out more information about the image. Rather than arbitrary keywords, use highly descriptive ones that truly express what the photo is all about.

Another tool that works is anchor text. This is the text that appears when other sites or pages are linked to the image. Again, the anchor text should be very descriptive. Although you won’t have any say about the other sites that link to you, you have absolute control over your own sites. Backlinks can help give you more control, so adding them to the image can also help.

Another way to use photos for driving traffic to your site is to use carefully selected photography as content. You can achieve this by using the photos with non­visual text or with an audio creation.

Using photography as the content of a site can help draw attention to the content. It’s a well known fact that flowing blocks of online text makes the viewers want to scan the content rather than engage in detailed reading of it.

Photos break up that text­monotony and also help to tell the reader what’s going to be found in the article or site. One of the main problems marketers deal with is visitors that enter the site and quickly leave. Photos can be the eye­catching ‘grabber’ that makes them linger – and possibly buy.


Google Image Search – SEO Common Sense

It doesn’t have to be difficult to optimize your photos for a positive google search for your site or content. What you need to remember is really just common sense if you know how a google search works. Here are some steps that will become second nature to you as you continue to use images successfully:


  1. Descriptive filenames –

    Using keywords in your image filenames can mean the difference in a positive google search – or not. A highly descriptive word or a short phrase that accurately describes what the image is all about can do wonders to ensure that a search reaches your site.
    Also, using dashes (­) inserted between the words is read by google as a space and lets the filename be easily interpreted by a google search.

  2. Alt tags –

    Using an alt tag in your image’s link code will give you more room for using keywords to describe the photo. Google will recognize the alt tag in the search result, which helps it distinguish your filename from others in the search results.

  3.  Google Image Labeler –

    This is a fun way to improve your chances of being found in a google search. The Google Image Labeler is actually a game that you play with another member.


The two of you collaborate in writing tags for the images you want to present. You each receive points when you submit tags that match, the tags are assigned to the photos (images) and will be considered by Google Image Search for their search results.

You can go to the management page for your site on Google’s Webmaster Central account and click the link to “Enhanced Image Search.” Clicking this

link lets Google know that you are now letting them use tools like the Image Labeler to help index the photos on your site.

The steps above are simple and will help to get your photos ranked in the Google Image Search, which is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site.

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